• Control top hip and height waist Elastic Corset leggings
  • GreenleafTLC Sweat cream Is a topical skin cream, and when it’s applied to the skin it helps to enhance your workout by helping to release excess body fluids,  allowing you to burn more fat and increase your metabolism, according to your movements/workouts. For quicker and faster results combine both our cream & waist /waist and thigh trimmer alone with a healthy diet.  
  • Waist Trimmer

    GreenleafTLC waist trimmer will have your waistline, stomach & back area looking fantastic! This is a unisex sports fitness product which helps burn belly & back fat. Our waist trimmer helps to shed excess water and helps to shrink your waist size. Our waist trimmer will have your abs more visible in no time. Our one of a kind waist trimmer allows you to spot train your stomach, back  & waist all while looking fashionable.
  • Waist and Thigh Trimmer

    The waist and thigh trimmer is exclusively designed for GreenleafTLC to help reduce the size and appearance of your thighs while also lifting your booty! Our waist and thigh trimmer is 100% Neoprene and fits size S-XL. It allows you to sweat and burn 3 times more calories during effective exercise.
  • A Portable round handheld ultrasound machine radio frequency slimming device which is a mini fat removal slimming machine body massager.   How to use:
    1. After bathing, apply slimming products on the required parts (waist, thighs, arms, etc) and spread evenly.
    2. Press On/Off button, select the appropriate mode, energy massage head touch the skin to work.
    3. Hold the handle tightly, uniform press massaging the required thin parts from down to up with circle way, repeat 2-3 times.
    4. After using, please clean the massage head with soft cloth or wet wipes in time.
    5. Place the machine on a dry ventilated place.
    6. Please use the attached USB cable to charge.